If you travel a lot and don't want the hassles of carrying a laptop or netbook, you might be one of those who carry USB thumb-drives. But still, you miss that super-productive desktop set-up you have created at home even with your all-powerful USB drive. Custom shortcuts you created for repeated boring task or applications you can't live without — all gone.

Here are 4 portable applications that are can instantly increase your productivity. These applications are very light on memory consumption. So these will work on almost all machines.

Freemind Mindmanager

Whatever be your profession, FreeMind mind-mapping software will surely increase your productivity. Freemind lets you organize your thoughts by creating diagrams and connected nodes. Freemind is written on Java. So, you need Java Runtime Environment to run it. In case, you don't have JRE on the machine you are working on, here's a quick video on how to back-up mindmaps from FreeMind to any text editor.
Read more about how to create mind-maps on WikiHow. The portable files are available at the download page.

Ditto Clipboard Manager

The default Windows (and Linux/Mac) clipboard can contain only one entry at a time. That means if you copy two entries consecutively, the last entry will be in the clipboard. This is a big trouble if you forget to paste the earlier entry. With Ditto, you don't have to worry about this anymore. You won't lose the copied text (or screenshot) if you forget to paste it — by default Ditto saves 500 copies. That is say Ditto remembers those copies which you may forget you once copied. Ditto uses SQLite database for managing copies. So it's very light on memory consumption.

PicPick Screen-capture

PicPick is a screen-capture solution which does more than just creating screenshots. It has a built-in image editor which is more like MS Paint but has more features. PicPick comes packed with a color picker, a color palette, a magnifier, a pixel ruler (to measure distance between lines, etc.), a cross-hair (to find exact position of some element on the screen) — all of these in a tiny 1.9MiB portable application. PicPick offers a host of hot-keys to do stuff quickly.


AutoHotkey is tiny utility to automate almost everything in Windows. From expanding texts to doing complicated tasks — AutoHotkey can do it all. AHK offers a very easy to understand documentation and a very helpful forum. I use it mostly for expanding texts. In case, you want to create macros now, here's the syntax:
:*:[short text]::[long text]
For instance, if you want btw to expand to by the way, open your favourite text-editor and put in the following line:
:*:btw::by the way
Save the file as a .ahk file and run it. (Of course, you need to install AutoHotKey first.)
AutoHotKey lets you create .exe files which you can easily carry with yourself and run on any machine even if it doesn't have AHK installed, and never miss a shortcut.

What's your pick?

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