Are you a news-buff? Are you addicted to Twitter? Or you never want to miss the live score updates of cricket matches? If yes, Snaptu is made for you!
Snaptu is a java-based mobile application which adds a new dimension to mobile web-browsing. It is a combination of many different web-applications ranging from Google Calendar to Twitter to AccuWeather. Here's a video on Snaptu covering its breath-taking features.
Snaptu is a perfect application for keeping yourself updated (it has an RSS reader), managing your tasks and meetings (it syncs with Google Calendar), social-networking (it has Facebook and Twitter), getting updates on Soccer and Cricket matches (it fetches updates from CricInfo and Score24Live), getting the latest news (Reuters, BBC and Guardian) and more.

Snaptu has a very sleek black interface, and iPhone-like icons and transition effects. The newest version of Snaptu is faster than the earlier one.
Although not officially in beta, Snaptu regularly adds new features to the application. So, you can expect a lot more in coming days. You can also make feature-requests directly from the application itself.
You can download Snaptu directly to your mobile — just visit the download page and enter your mobile number; Snaptu will send you a URL. You can download the application by visiting that URL. In case you are having troubles downloading this way, you can download the JAR file directly to your PC from GetJar.

[Screenshots courtesy GetJar]
I have been using Snaptu for two months now. And it is addictive. Apart from Gravity, there are very few mobile Twitter clients as good as that of Snaptu. Other than an integrated browser Snaptu has it all. Last week, some people on twitter claimed 'Snaptu lets you forget iPhone'. Snaptu is a must-have for your J2ME phone but it is nowhere close to iPhone.

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Blogger e11world said...
This is pretty cool! I'm wondering why an all in one app is not available for iPhone (even though iPhone has many of these already)