Just when the Mozilla team announced that the next Firefox (version 3.5) is going to be the fastest Firefox till date, the Opera Desktop team released Opera 10 Beta. It comes with some incredible features. Among them is Opera Turbo, which speeds up browsing up by connecting to Opera proxy server and compressing images and data before it reaches the browser. Turbo is indeed a speed booster for slower connections. (I tested it with my sluggish Airtel Mobile Office and it did save a lot of data and boosted the speed.)

Opera 10 beta 1 comes with a speed dial feature which was first introduced in Opera 9.2 (thanks to 'think'), allowing you to quickly browse bookmarked pages through thumbnails. Also among new features are online spelling checker, visual tabs, auto-update, etc. The following video shows some of the features.

Firefox users always have an edge, thanks to Add-ons. The following are some add-ons that let you experience Opera 10's features in Firefox 3.*


FoxTab is a popular add-on that "brings innovative and attractive 3D tab management to Firefox". Once installed, just hit ALT+TAB to activate it. It has five layouts — all of these gives a 3D experience. What's more, FoxTab allows you grouping of tabs according to tab titles. It has also a Fullscreen and Search utility.


[Screenshot courtesy: Softpedia]
Although you can manually tweak Firefox settings to speed up the browser, FasterFox does the same without letting you change the configurations yourself. Since FasterFox is an experimental it has some hiccups. Still it's worth installing.

Fast Dial

Opera's Speed Dial is nothing but a rebranded version of FastDial. (Update: I was wrong on that. Speed Dial was introduced in Opera 9.2, much before FastDial) Once installed, just visit about:blank page and start adding your bookmarks including thumbnails. It is easy to access: just click on the FastDial icon beside the address-bar and it shows up. FastDial is a Userlogos product and they offer thumbnails (or logos) for FastDial bookmarks. You can even change the background of FastDial: right-click, go to preferences, then the page tab and change the background.
FastDial also offers an in-the-page Google search.

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Blogger think said...
Opera first introduced speed dial in opera 9.2. Fast dial is a copy of that. If ever in doubt, opera is always the innovator.
Blogger Abhisek said...
Sorry I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know. Post updated.