Did you know hitting C on your keyboard when you're on GMail can create a new mail? Did you know you can search your mails with "has:attachment" to search for mails with attachment? Or did you know you can bring Google Calendar into GMail?

GMail Help now sports a new section with powerful tips for Gmail users. Whether you are new to Gmail or experienced Gmail user, this section is definitely a must-check. It has four different levels — White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Gmail Master.
Each level contains useful productivity tips — some of which you probably know. You can also share your own tips by filling out a simple form. The section also offers a PDF version of the tips which is some sort of a cheat-sheet. But since users can submit new tips, a PDF version is not sufficient as there will be more tips to be added in future.

Although it's a very good collection of tips, if you are heavy GMail user, most of these tips are already in your bag. If you have been keeping an eye on Youtube's Gmail channel, most tips are already discussed. Still, for newbies, this is a good place to start using GMail to increase productivity.

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