FriendOrFollow is Twitter-based web-app that tracks who's is following you and who's not. If you follow (or have started following) a lot of people on Twitter and you think they'd follow you back, FriendOrFollow keeps a tab on them.

It has a very simple interface, easy to navigate. There are three tabs.
Under the 'following' tab, you'd find those you are following. Nothing new since the same functionality is provided by Twitter too. But the next two tabs are interesting — fans and friends. 'Fans' tab contains those users who follow you but you don't follow them. Under the 'friends' tab you'd find those users who follow you and whom you follow too.

The interesting thing about FriendOrFollow interface is that the background of the page changes with individual user and it's the same background the user has set in twitter settings.

Given the rise of various start-ups and pro-bloggers in Twitter who start following others (with a hope that the users will follow back, and thereby increasing popularity), FriendOrFollow is a good tool.

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