P2 is a Wordpress theme that completely changes the way an ordinary Wordpress blog looks. Inspired by Twitter, the theme lists all your blog-posts the same way as Tweets appear on a Twitter page. If you are working on a group project and you need to share progress details, P2 might just be for you.

After you install P2 on your Wordpress blog and activate it, your blog homepage would have a list of recently published posts. In case the posts are too large to fit in a small "tweet", a "More" link takes you to the post page. If you are logged in to wordpress and you have necessary permission to post on the blog, you can start posting in the blog right from the homepage. There is a textarea (for the post) and an input field (for tagging the post) on the homepage for quick posting.

P2 comes with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation. A user can comment on any post without leaving the page by just clicking the "reply" link. Replies to specific posts are shown right below every post.

A screencast on P2


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