With 1.5 million books under its belt, Google has renovated Google Books — recently in news for introducing Gadgets. The new version of Google Books adds an array of new features aimed at improving interactivity.

Embed 'Books' in your webpage

Just like embedding YouTube videos, Google Books now offers snippets of HTML that can be embedded in your webpage.
What's more, it embeds only a single page of the entire book. Thus, your readers won't have to go insane finding what you are talking about.

View the contents quickly

Now, you can quickly view the contents of the book as a drop-down menu while going through the book. A very handy feature for huge books.

Thumbnail Views

Google Book now offers thumbnail views for books. That is, every page of a book (or a magazine) is shown as small thumbnails clicking which takes you to the specific pages. Looks nice and easy to navigate.

Easy 'Next page' navigation with animation

While navigating from page to page, you can now click on the 'page turn' area available at the footer area of the page. Click on the page turn and the next page comes with an animation.

View the pages in plain text

If you have a slow connection, Google Books' ajaxy interface and high-graphics page may further slow down browsing. Google Books has made it simpler by introducing plain text browsing. Plain text pages rendered as HTML. It comes handy for VI users using Text-To-Speech applications.

Find out more on Google Books' new feature at Google Book Search.

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