Google Labs has come up with Squared, which shows search results in a categorized form. Google Squared searches the web and puts the results in a spreadsheet-like form — easy for you to scan the results and get an idea of the search results without having to visit websites. When you click inside a "square" (a cell of the search-results, if you consider it to be a spreadsheet), Squared offers short descriptions as tooltips along with other possible values.

What's interesting is that you can specify your own attributes. For example, if you search for "Pizza" and you add a column "Location", you'd find the locations of 'some' Pizza Hut outlets. You can also delete a column that doesn't match your search criteria.

Since Squared comes from Google Labs, it is in beta stage and produces a lot of weird search-results. But as most of Google's products, Squared allows the users to improve the search results — if you click on a cell you have the option to edit the text of the cell; you can save search results (called "square", too) for future reference; you are given choices of probable search results from which you can choose one.

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Google Square can be an answer to Wolfram's Alpha or Microsoft's Bing but certainly it is different and lacks maturity. But with user-participation and time, Google Squared will be more improved.

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