Everything Search is a lightening fast windows-only tiny search utility that searches files across different drives. It comes as a full installation package and a portable package — both within 350kB. Everything search allows you to search only NTFS volumes. To find whether a drive is NTFS or not, just right-click on a drive and go to properties. [See the screenshot]

Once you fire up Everything search it automatically builds the database and if there is any change in the files (while everything search is running), it automatically indexes the files, without you having to run indexing.

Everything search has a unique feature to offer — it allows Regular Expression search. You can use Boolean operators, wildcards and complex regular expression. If you have a full installation of Everything Search, a context menu will appear in all NTFS drives, i.e. when you right-click on a file within an NTFS drive you'd have "Search Everything..." among many other context-menus. Everything search is also low on memory consumption — it uses around 5MiB of ram.

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