Well, this is a very old and dirty trick to change 'localhost' (i.e. to some other name. Many of you are aware of this trick. In Windows, go to "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc". You'd find a file named "hosts" (without quotes, of course). Open it with your favourite text editor. Find the lines:       localhost
Just after that line, add the following line:  the_name_you_like
Of course, replace "the_name_you_like" with the name of your choice. That's it! Next time you type "the_name_you_like" in the address bar and hit enter enter, you'd be redirected to How cool is that! Also if you want to run multiple domains under one machine head to this article.


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Blogger Yoosuf said...
its only for windows man!
Blogger Abhisek said...
Blogger Jon said...
On any unix-like OS (SYSV or BSD variant, Linux, OS X, and so on), it's in /etc/hosts, which is where Windows got it from. You should NEVER do this. Instead, you should add the alias to the line: localhost my_localhost_alias_here another_alias