Raptor is .NET application that manages all your rapidshare.com downloads with ease. It comes as a freeware although in beta.

If you have multiple file downloads from Rapidshare, all you need to do is to add the url to the queue. And after the current download finishes it will automatically start downloading the next file in the queue. No need to hit the "free button" and type in those weird captchas. Raptor does it all for you.
One more striking feature I noticed was that if you are asked to wait for a certain period of time after which your download begins, Raptor will wait for the time and then start downloading. Pretty smart, I must say! But it doesn't offer any such premium facility enjoyed by a premium account holder.
To install and use Raptor you need to install .NET Framework. Once you have installed .NET 2.0 or higher, download and install Raptor.
Downlod Raptor

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