Here are this week's best stuff on Warez, Photoshop, Web-design, Coding, Video, and lots more!


1. 8 Ideas, Techniques & Tricks for your Web Design Toolkit

2. 50+ Amazing Logos

3. The Grid System

4. 40+ Useful Cheat Sheets for Designers

Tips And Tutorials

1. Get Rid of YouTube's Embedded Search Bar

2. How to Make Hand Drawn Fonts

3. Linux Desktop Enhancements

4. 24 Free Christmas Photoshop Tutotrials

5. HOW-TO: Install And Run Any Linux Ditro in Windows under Pendrive

Web News

1. Asus Launches Babmoo Laptop

2. Devil's Dictionary 2.0


1. Free Vectors: Birds in Flight

2. 60 Impressive High Resolution Textures And Backgrounds


1. Password Protect Every File With Empathy

2. Internet Download Manager 5.15 With Patch Courtesy:
3. David Blaine's Magic tricks Explained

4. Farsight Calculator


1. How Windows Users Are Changing Linux And What We Should Do About It.
2. Review : KDE 4.1 - Next Gen Linux Desktop

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