Here is dark striped template for blogger I made over the last weekend. But this is still for old blogger. I am feeling little too lazy to dig up new blogger API and turn it all around. I have added sliding show/hide comment-block for a nice effect. You can see it in action in my personal blog.


1. Unzip the downloaded file. It includes the font for the logo, the .psd file of the logo (so that you can edit the logo with your blog title).
2. Install the font in your comp. Go to Start ยป Run and type in "Fonts" and hit enter.
Now, copy paste the BROKEN_GHOST.ttf (included in the zip file) here.
3. Edit the logo. Open the logo.psd (included in the zip) in Photoshop and edit the text with your blog title (or whatever you wish).
4. Upload the images. Don't upload with (their links are too unpredictable)
5. Edit the style.css (included in the zip). Replace all the images links with the links of your uploaded images. Say, you have uploaded with Photobucket, then replace "" with "" in the style.css file. Save it.
6. Upload style.css and css-reset.css. Also change the link to style.css and css-reset.css in the blogger.txt file (included in the zip). Save the blogger.txt file.
7. Make necessary changes in the blogger.txt files. Replace YOURBLOG with your blog name, YOUR FEED with your feedburner name and so on.
8. Copy all the content of the blogger.txt file and paste it in Blogger's template editor. Save and enjoy.


Icons: Paul Armstrong Designs
Arrows: sizer92

Note: If you use it please give necessary credits. I spent a lot of time tweaking (the old blogger) for the slide effect for the comment block.

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Blogger techniqueal t. said...
i love this blog's new template! it's so clean that the reading experience increased two-folds!

great bloggerlove template! love the accordion-like effect on the comments. way to go! ^_^
Blogger Abhisek said...
Thanks! All credits to this template goes to Antonio. :)