If you have been a member of a private torrent site (like Desitorrents or Exdesi), you must have felt the value of keeping a good ratio. Desitorrents is currently offering invitations to people having ratio greater than 10. I am lagging behind at 4.46!
Now, with this µTorrent leecher pack you won't have to worry about ratio anymore. µTorrent leecher pack, released by seba14.org, reports tracker upto 101 times what you upload. It is a modified version of the original µTorrent application. Interestingly, its speed seems greater than the original program!

Download and Install

There are various versions of this leecher pack available on the seba14 site, but most of them are tested positive with KAV. A friend of mine has sent me a virus-free version. I uploaded it here. Installation is cake. Once installed launch µTorrent from the "seba14mods" menu under the "All Programs".
Icon courtesy Tooparannoyed

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Blogger Erika said...
Sorry to hijack your comments. I'm trying to use this template too - and I can't seem to get the date to work - any tips?


Blogger Abhisek said...
I guess the dates are working perfectly now. if it doesn't you have to change the date format.
Blogger ge714 said...
how do I install?

I already have utorrent installed, but do I uninstall my current utorrent and install seba14's version? Since theres a bunch of .exe applications in seb14's folder, which .exe do I choose.

sorry, im new at this.
Blogger Abhisek said...
no problem, dude. you don't need to uninstall currently installed µtorrent. Just install this leecher pack. It would work.
About the choice of program (which you said about .exe files), if you take a closer look at the .exe files, they are all self-descriptive. Like: utorrent 1.8 (11813)_fakeup8x_seeder.exe will report the tracker that you are seeding at 8x speed of what your download speed when actually you are just downloading and uploading at the normal speed! :P