Recently, while paying around with Bash on PuppyLinux 4.0, I came across the pipeline ('|') feature. Pipelining is a feature that adds multi-tasking in bash easier. Like "ls | more" gives a directory listing followed by a "More" prompt. If you just hit any key, it will take you on the next page.
I tried this technique with Firefox, and now I have two homepages!
Two allow Firefox open two (or more) pages at start-up, just go to Tools»Options... and in the "Main" tab. Now, in the homepage section, add multiple addresses you like to set as "homepages", all separated by a pipe i.e. |
Here's how my settings look like.

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Blogger techniqueal t. said...
wow! this is so cool! i didnt realize the secret lies in pipes. this is a wonderful post! ^_^
Blogger Xjion89 said...
Thanks to u and techiqueal, I have fun doing this(^^)