It's been more than two months since i last posted here. And within this two months I got a job and left it too! Well, that was because of my further studies. Just a month i worked there. And believe me, I spent some of the best times there.
The Interview
That was the third interview and the 2nd successful one (previously, I made it with Satyam Computers but didn't join because of meagre pay-package.) I was asked questions on how to include files in html, how to map images in html, basic css techniques, definitions of some of the document elements, questions on DOM, Photoshop and Image Ready. Now, Image Ready was something I never worked with and, frankly, I always asked myself why the hell that is with PS. (Now, don't ask me why I didn't Google. Lazy creature!) And I messed up everything about Image Ready, once again proving the fact that you should never try to fake your interviewer. The best thing was that the interviewer corrected almost all my wrongs. That was quite surprising. Got the call on the day after! :)
The Collegues
Some of the best people I have met! Our flash designer, Mr. Anirudhdha Deb, (I used to sit beside him) is fabulous. He is one of the most balanced persons I have ever met.
My Project Leader, Biswajit Sarkar, was very supportive and helped me a lot. I learned in a month with him more than what I have learnt myself in 2 years!
And there were the 'regular' php devs. Had little chance to mingle with them.
I worked as a web-developer and a web-designer. Now, I kind of am enjyoing the rewards of learning the both of them. :)


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