Quickphrase is a freeware that enables you to type less and do more. Quickphrase is easy to use and simple in its interface. Once installed it is fired up automatically in Windows start-up. You can find it out in the tray area.
To get started, just right click on the QP icon in the tray area and go to Properties and start adding macros. I have added email address, name, usernames as macros. This speeds up logging in and signing up in web-applications. :)
One of its interesting features is that 'remembers' 10 of your last clipboard copies. That is if you copy some text and then copy some other text, and you need to paste the first copy, just right-click on the QP tray icon and go to clipboard history and voila! You have it there!

Quickphrase comes in two variants: one with Typing Master Pro, and one as a standalone program. Since TypingMaster Pro is a shareware, you better leave that option. Get it free from here.

Also there's Texter, which does almost the same job and is much lightweight. But it lacks the clipboard history functionality.

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