Nokia, the leading Finn mobile manufacturer, announced today they are going to acquire Symbian, the open platform for mobile applications, spending about 264 million euros. Some of Nokia's smartphones already boasts of Symbian OS. Taking it further in terms of innovation and development, this acquisition will bring "evolution of the leading open mobile platform", according to the press release.
Already the owner of almost 48% share of Symbian, Nokia's acquisition will make the company a front-runner in mobile application development. The upcoming Android, from Google, will surely have tough competition ahead. Also it is expected more and more of Nokia's mobiles will run with Symbian. Putting emphasis on open applications, Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said,
The wide support for this initiative, uniting the industry around the Symbian platform, reflects the strong gravitational pull it has for application developers and other ecosystem players. We will drive efficient, open innovation by unifying the platform and simplifying the software supply chain, leveraging our experience from mobile devices.  Nokia is strongly positioned to realize the benefits of open innovation, as well as accelerating time to market, enabling us to meet and exceed consumer expectations for leading converged devices and experiences.

But the results will come late in 2009, said the press release.
(Via: Mashable)
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