IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a popular way to connect with people sharing the same interests. If you have been using IRC you must have felt its importance. But for a lot of people IRC is in old fad. Most of the IRC clients have age-old GUI's.
The new player is called Mibbit, a web-based IRC client. With a cool design and user-friendly UI, Mibbit looks promising. Unlike JWIRC (which is Java-based), Mibbit runs on Ajax with almost all the features an IRC client can boast of.

You can sign in using your nick and pass. MIbbit supports most of the IRC servers (like But sadly after logging in I found some problems entering some rooms like #ubuntu. I was taken to #ubuntu-proxy-users. It seems Mibbit messes up the IP. Still in beta, Mibbit may come out as a front-runner in web-based IRC clients.
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Blogger Ajay Pathak said...
very differnet name
anyways a very nice blog
Blogger Abhisek said...
Thanks Ajay! ;)