My first userscript! And it's for Blogger, of course! Thanks to DiveIntoGreasemonkey for all the info.

I always felt to need to have some buttons that adds HTML tags around selected text, while commenting on Blogger blogs. So I made this greasemonkey script that adds buttons that does the job with ease. Just select the text you want to format and click the corresponding button. As simple as that! ;)


Blogger Advanced Comment EditorInstall Greasemonkey if you don't have it.

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Blogger techniqueal t. said...
whoa! this sounds wonderfully useful! congratulations on your first userscript! ^_^ will test this out on my test blog.

i love this hack! ^_^
Blogger Abhisek said...
Glad you liked it. But you don't need a test blog for it. It just changes the textarea on all comment forms on all blogs.
Blogger techniqueal t. said...
ah, my bad. i overlooked that this is a greasemonkey script ^_^

oh, this is so cool! i hope you don't mind if i blog about this one time.

kudos to you ^_^

can i ask u something? how did you do this? it's fantastic! ^_^
Blogger Abhisek said...
Just a little bit of javascript and GM's excellent rendering. Have a look at this if you have time to learn Greasemonkey scripting.
thnx for this hack! but could you explain more how i can add that to my template ?
its okay!!it worked with me but i want to get this hack below my post( advanced editor on blogger comment in same page of my post)! any idea?
please help :)
Blogger Abhisek said...
I never played with the 'new' blogger templates. I think, with the 'new' features of Blogger, you can add such stuff. Wmd-editor is a good choice in that case...
thnx for your reply Abhisek.
honestly i don't know how to use wmd on my blogger template if you ve an idea please let me know!
Blogger Abhisek said...
Ok... I will try to do some modifications on Blogger template to integrate wmd-editor... I will definitely post a tutorial on this if I succeed. Keep in touch!
thnx Abhisek!
I appreciate your help & i ll write about your tutorial & the next one God's willing :)