Not tails really! With Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu has made a very useful utility of automatically generating backup files. These files are generated when you edit an existing file. These files end with tildes (~). Something i first mistook as tails! :D You can't view these files with naked eyes! (not with microscopes either) They can be 'seen' in an 'Open' dialogue box of a text editor (or browser). These files come handy when you badly need the original file. But after staying in Ubuntu for 6 months now, I am sick of these files and they are driving me nuts. So I decided to get rid of them all!
I created a simple python script that does this job with ease. Bash-coders will surely look down this. But yours truly knows nothing about bash other than it is one of the best things that has ever happened to Linux.
Clean it up!
Download this file. You need python to run it, of course. Now, copy the file in the directory you want to 'clean up'. Make sure you really don't want to keep the backup files anymore. Now, fire up a terminal, cd to the directory you want to 'clean up'. Run python Done! :)

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