No more 'Beta' tag with Cyberbuff's Blog! I decided to release the version 1. Although the design is not my own, but interface is coded by me, of course with ideas from others and code snippets.
Here are the new features and acknowledgment:
  • A new name: Well, the new name is 'AbhiTech' =)
  • Sliding Tabs: The navigation system is a sliding tab system. It is inspired by Effendi's Sliding Tabs with Moo.fx. Created with the jQuery framework, it is the initial release. A sliding tab plugin is on the cards. :) I got help from Learning jQuery's accodion page.
  • Smileys: Of course the original idea is from Aditya. This smiley interface is only 715 bytes! ;)
  • External Links: I found this on Aditya's blog. Later i coded my own. :)
  • Slide in/out comments: Now, clicking on the comments link doesn't take you to the 'item page': slide down and view the comments and comment! :)
  • Wordpress-like Dates: Original idea by Aditya. Thanks!
  • link rolls: by Effendi.
  • Thanks to Ning for hosting the files.
  • Finally, the theme (illacrimo) is designed by Design Disease. And hacked for Blogger by yours truly. :D
  • Update (22.02.08): Added footnote functionalityInspired by Aditya
Known-issues and bugs:
  • Search form is not working well. :(
  • IE users, sorry to disappoint you but this blog doesn't optimize in IE, specially the tabs. Please use Firefox and enjoy your stay!
  • Some of the pages are crashing Firefox.


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