Desitorrents released its fourth and latest version with a lot of new functionalities. With a cool new look and a lot more "too strict" moderators, the new one is rocking. :)
  • New look is pretty 'heavy'. I liked the earlier lighter version. But from a designer's point of view, it's very artistic. :P
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  • DT seems to have taken a bold step with where you can upload almost anything from your PC, of course within the upload limit. ;) DT has removed the option to add files as attachments as they were eating up space. Only Desiupload links are allowed.
  • If you are logging in for the first time in DTv4, then you have to spend a complete one minute reading those "damn rules". ;)
  • The much-talked about feature remains much-awaited: free registration. Still invitation only. :(
All in all, DT is surely showing why it's on top.


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