Launchy is my favourite application for launching apps (or opening up folders) in Windows. But after being a 'full-time' Ubuntu user, I missed Launchy a lot. Although the Deskbar applet and the ALT+F2 combo helped me do the desired work, but then again could not launch almost all the applications. Then I came across Gnome-do through AllAboutLinux. Gnome-do is a very powerful launcher that fits well into Gnome desktops.

Fire up a terminal and type in sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list . Now in the sources.list file add this two lines at the end:
deb gutsy main

deb-src gutsy main
Again, fire up a terminal and type in: sudo apt-get install gnome-do and done!

Invoke at the Start up
Go to System»Preferences»Sessions and add a new entry. Next type in gnome-do -q

For Launchy it was ALT+sapcebar. Here with GnomeDo, it's WinKey+spacebar.

GnomeDo may be a good launcher for Gnome but it has a long way to go to become a replacement for Launchy. You can't add extra directories to index as you can do that with Launchy: GnomeDo just indexes the files that are currently under the root filesystem. Click here to find tips on GnomeDo

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