Following the footsteps of Google, Yahoo recently launched their social networking venture Y!Mash which has caused a lot of talk in the bloggosphere. This new feature is in beta and registration is only by invitation.
I was initially excited to join. But that surely required an invitation which I got from Inviteshare. But my first impression about Mash was really sad. If someone 'invites' you to join Mash, (s)he creates a profile for you! That implies a whole lot of fake profiles. I can't really figure out why Yahoo made such a "buggy" feature. The help page says:
Mash is by invite only, so that means that one of your friends who is already on Mash has invited you into the network! When a friend invites you, he or she can also add or edit different parts of your profile even before you get to view it. So even though you have never made or seen this profile, it is in fact yours!

Also, your profile can be edited by your "friends", too! So, don't be surprised to see a newer version of your profile edited by your beloved friends! I didn't know of this horrible feature until my friend Ian sent me this entry:
I never really got the hang of Orkut... I regularly use facebook... but that's because about 85% of the people in College in the U.S. have facebook. This is nice though because it's customizable. But, it's kinda a drawback to let other people edit your site.
It got all those features a social-networking site should have: a guestbook, a facebook like update feature and some widgets that come from Yahoo. The profile page can be fully personalised, even with custom CSS. Now that's quite cool feature. Sites like Pownce, Yahoo 360 have previously offered features that allows the user to change the way their profile page looks, but the custom CSS idea is a new one and enhances the scope for creativity. The intelligent use of Ajax has made the site interesting and user-friendly. The default design is a turn-off but the custom css feature will surely beautify the pages.
I think Mash has a long way to go to become a (popular) social networking site. The "Beta" thing will surely keep our eyes on the page, of course.
Being an user of Mash, I got 'some' invites to send. If someone's interested, do post a comment with your email ID. Or if security matters ;) send me a mail at


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