If you use some feed reader (let's say FeedDemon), you don't have to separately add your feed addresses to Google Reader. This is how you can do with FeedDemon.
• Go to FeedDemon's Files→Export Feed...
• Now, in the next dialogue-box that appears select "All Folders" (or the folders or feeds you want to export. Do check the "Don't Export Secure (https://) feeds" field. Some torrent sites like DT allows these features.
• Save as an OPML file...
• Now, login to Google reader and in at bottom of the right pane click on the "Manage Subscription" link.
• Next, in the settings page click on the "Import/Export Tab" and upload your OPML file you just saved. And done!
If you haven't started with any rss reader for your desktop, here's a list of what you can choose from. But I personally feel FeedDemon has it all.


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