A few days back, I found TryDASH on Del.icio.us homepage. And to say it precisely, i was immensely impressed by its interface. I was really searching madly for a such freeware until i found Launchy through Lifehacker.
Incredibly small (1.03mb) but having enormous power, this freeware enables the users to invoke (launch) almost all the applications one uses by entering just a few keystrokes. It lets you "forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager." Install the app and hit ALT+SPACE to appear. Basically, it is always there. You just have to call it!
I was really amused to see just pressing "FF" selected Firefox to launch. Just hit enter and Firefox is launched! Launchy uses a few plugins that work together to invoke the apps. More info about the plugins can be found at the readme file. What's more, it comes with 12 preloaded skins. You can also design skins for Launchy. Skins can be found at LuanchySkins.
Now, let your kitty play with the 'mouse'! ;)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the info. Very cool applications!

I tried Dash and Launchy. End result: I purchased Dash. No comparison really.

If you have $20 get Dash, if you can't afford it, Launchy is decent.