Uff, what a break! '05 June 2007'. That's the date when i last blogged here! My personal blog was also silent for all this time. Exams still going on! 3 more to go. Kinda, "Still fighting!" :D

Anyway, i thought CB is missing one section. Weekly links. I have been using Digg and Delicious for quite a long time. But adding those accounts to my feedburner account would be a bad idea. Cause some of the subscriber may consider those links as spams. (at least, I do!) So that's why i am going to add this category under the name 'Donuts'. I'd just post those that caught my eyes and those made the news. If you wanna share your links, do so at the Shoutbox above!

So here are this weeks links:

New 7 Wonders: Omg! Seems like history is gonna be re-written. IMHO, this is just not fair. I mean why a new poll to make wonders? Anyway, Tajmahal came first, thanks to India's monstrous population! ;)

ʇxǝʇ pǝddılɟ ǝʇɐǝɹɔ: Dint get it? it sed, "Create Flipped Text". Do check this one! Awesome javascript, or rather an awesome creativity! :)

GoPHP5.org: Still using php4? Switch to php5.

Critical Update for FF1.5.0.12 users: Mozilla is offering their FF1.5.0.12 users a security update to upgrade it to If you are one of the users, do get this update to keep your favourite browser safe! :)

Use Winamp to manage your iPod
: Nice how-to. Must read!

Enjoy! ;)


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