Dezinerfolio is an awesome blog on designing, web-development and goodies. It has been nominated for the best web-designing blog. The blog is maintained by Navdeep and Naveen. Awesome designing makes the blog apart from others.
I came across this blog when they made it to Digg with their DFtheme for Wordpress, and become, literally tongue tied! But sad to feel that those who can't afford for a hosting would really miss this one. So, following what Arephyz did with N-design's iTheme, i made a bit modifications to make 'Blogger-compatible'. But this one is a classic template. But i am working on it to make it compatible with the new blogger.

Download this .txt file. Make necessary changes in the file as written there.

If you are using new Blogger templates (as most of you are), click on the "Revert to classic template" link at the bottom corner of the "Edit HTML". Click OK on the alert that comes after you click on the link.
Now, copy the edited content. And paste it in the template editor's text field.


  • Added PreviewBubble code for in-site previews. It allows you to limit the previews to certain links. To use this, just add class='pl' in the anchor attributes. E.g. <a href="" class="pl">Link</a>. Much better than Snap. It doesn't work in new blogger
  • Added Slimbox interface. Something like this! Visit the site for mark-ups!
  • 'Digg it' only on itempages.
All rights are reserved by the original authors. Do put a link to Dezinerfolio. Flickr photos courtesy Navdeep Raj.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hello! You have a nice blog, congratulations! I just wanna ask u something, I really love this template, I think is amazing, but I wanna use it with the new blogger. What can I do? Could u help me?

Thanks a lot! See U!
Blogger Cyberbuff said...
Well, they released one for the new blogger. Do try it.
And thanks for the compliments. ;)
Blogger techniqueal t. said...
looking forward to seeing the "new blogger" version of this theme ^_^
Blogger Abhisek said...
techniqueal t., it's here: Looks like you missed the comments! :P