Forums are where the talk is. And being a part of any forum is always an advantage as you get a broad platform to discuss about your common subject of interest with people from different backgorunds. One of the biggest community-driven projects are Linux distros. The developers simply work based on their 'chat' in forums. And they come up with the best of Distros available. Forums like Linux questions, Ubuntu Forums etc. are rocking like anything.

Now, DESI seems like the word that has simply made an entry to English-speaking world. And desi-forums are the place to chill out! I found these few forums rocking and worth a visit. Let's start with #5!
Desitwist. This one is very creative. I enjoyed the Poetry sections. Subforums like Freedom Castle & The Spiritual Heaven are very much a new thing to me. Moderated regularly. :P

Desiforum. The URL says it all! Really desi in all aspects. Same old look of PHP forums. This is a forum for all: whether you are a gizmo-freak, or just love those racing cars out there. I liked "College, Work and Career" and "Geek Talk and Tech Support" subforums specially. It's worth to join!

Desidhamal. A PHP-based forum that has it all. Registration is free. From mobile clips to SMS jokes, it's simply a terrific place to be at. Well-moderated. Some awesome DVD rips you would find there. But a bit lonely out there. I mean the members out-number the topics! :P I was very surprised to find an ad-free forum under the 'desi'-banner. But millions of 'Donate' buttons are irritating at times. Do join this forum! :)

Orkut. Google's social-networking venture. Not a desi, as a matter of fact. But desi guys do rule it. Awesome UI. Still in Beta. So keep an eye for the upcoming features. But sadly it's spammed like anything.Communities are flooded with post-your-ID-I-will-send-stuff posts. Fake profiles are here and there. Not moderated at all. :( Scrapbook, mailing, polls, are great! Would have been great if it was moderated properly.

It's none other than! :) It's really a rocking place to hang out. If you are a member, you are really a lucky guy out there. It's full of stuff you are looking for. From help on installation of Windows XP to talk on politics, none really escape them! Very well-moderated. You got to follow their rules. Or you'd be banned! Something that rarely happens in forums. Registration is only by invitations. But sadly, invitations are not banned too. The decision came after a member sold invitations to eBay. Even I don't have an a/c in DT. Logging on with my friends ID and password!

All these forums are free. (You don't have to pay for subscriptions.) So donate a few bucks if you can. They really need your help. If you can't donate, at least click on those ads. ;)

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Blogger LoneRanger said...
There are far better desi sites than desidhamal. & for example
Blogger Cyber-Buff said...
Desitorrents is undoubtedly the best. But seems to be all the more spammed...thanks for the link anyway... ;)
Blogger rana said...
hehehehe their is no medical treatment of jealousy brother...

maaja is shop of adds and free wares you can not surf that site until you have an good anti virus installed, and its also slow....

desidhamal gets the latest stuff after bwtorrents and desitorrents and as well its very fast in surfing and its adds free any one can surf , but the problem is that desidhamal is runned by kids of i think maximum 16years, if there were experienced people desidhamal would have broken records but any ways their time will also come
Blogger rana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger Cyberbuff said...
Well said! Desidhamal would indeed be a front runner if it were moderated well and maintained by some 'adults' =))
Anonymous Rhymes69 said...

Would like to thank cyberbuff for this compliment he gave us...

really means alot to us...
Thanx alot of broder!
Need anyhelp...DesiDhamal is always there for u

About the comments by rana....
I wanna clear this up for people who think sites is not running well coz of our age.

Yes I am 16 year old...
But wanna clear this up for you..

Matureness doesnt comes from ones age. If it did majaa would have been running amazing ahead...
Because majaa is runned by a 68 old man!
Anyways that not the point...

If we werent mature nuff site woudnt have got 60000 members...
Site wouldnt have been compliment by Bwt admins and iDr admins....

We are 'kids' thats why we made it here....i have seen more than 50 sites in the past one yr being closed down which were being runned by 30+ yr old people....

We neva put any adds on our site coz we live upto our name....
Even when we put add...they are for free....only do it for friends...

We did what MANY sites coudnt do in a yr...
we got 60000 Members less than a yr..where as other sites got to that landmark after about 2 yrs...

SO if u wanna discuss about this 'age' factor my guess...

NOTE: Most of the rippers and releaser are the same age as us....

Age doesnt reflect your ammount of matureness....

Thanx for reading..
Have a nice day

DesiDhamal Admin
Blogger Cyberbuff said...
I'd like to thank Rhymes for dropping by. :) You should remember i once posted a topic in your forum to moderate DD well and i was happy with what you said. But seemed like the other mods differ from you. :O
I'd be happier to see a better DD someday.
And thumbs up to you for keeping up the good work. :)
Blogger Rizzy said...
dude great job
and great structure of sentence and writings of paragraphs
gud job man
the other thing
"subscriptions.) So donate a few bucks if you can. They really need your help. If you can't donate, at least click on those ads."
that is the best thing u said,i have a site of my own but i hate ads because they make a site load slow so i don't keep ads on my site but whereever i go i make sure i click on one or two ads.
and its gud to see someone else thinking the same way.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
rizzy, ya they need your help. :)
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