Firefox is more than a browser to me. And I guess to a lot of you too. With the release of Firefox 3.0, it's gonna be much more exciting. IE loses to Firefox in every aspect, be it speed, be it security, or coding. I don't like the new one (IE7), too. Other than the Firefox -style tabbed browsing it's got nothing.

Extension Bliss

Extensions are li'l add-ons that makes Firefox more interactive. Websites like Extension-zilla offer you extensions for almost every purpose. Do check the official Mozilla add-on site for more. Here are some useful and 'rocking' add-ons I use.

Please don't ask me why it is named in this fashion. :P Greasemonkey enables Firefox to use javascript codes (called Userscripts) to change the behavior of sites that you are browsing. The official website of userscripts offers some awesome userscripts that simply changes the way you browse the net. Visit Userscripts for scripts.
Install Greasemonkey

Sage is an RSS reader extension for Firefox. It works great for me who previously messed up with almost all the RSS readers availabel! ;) OInce you installed the add-on, just hit ALT+Z to access Sage.
Install Sage

Don't like the way webpages are designed? Then try Stylish to change the way webpages look! Stylish is an add-on that uses CSS to change the look of the sites overriding the styles specified. Something like the way Greasemonkey works. Visit Userstyles for styles.
Install Stylish

Honestly, this one is my favourite and a designer's delight! :) Firebug is one of the most popular add-ons available. Firebug enables you to view, edit, test source codes of sites you are browsing.
Install Firebug

An extension to that would change the look of your Firefox! Awesome GUI. You'd love it!
Install Persona

(You can find more on extensions at PCmag↗

Use Shortcuts
Firefox comes with host of shortcuts.
ALT+← / Shift+ Scroll Down : Last webpage
ALT+→ / Shift+ Scroll Up : Next webpage
CTRL+ E : Search (in the built in search bar)
CTRL+ D :Bookmark the current page
CTRL+ J : Download window
CTRL+W : Closes the current tab
CTRL+ 1, 2, 3... :Switches between tabs
To complete a .com address. just type in the first part of the address in the address bar and hit CTRL+Enter. It works in IE too. ;)
If you don't want an address to show up in the drop down menu, just select the address with the navigation keys (don't use the mouse) and hit SHIFT+DEL

Find a the list of shortcuts in the help section.

Change the configuration:
Firefox's configurations can be found in the "about:config" page. (Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter.) Speeding up firefox is a good way.
  • Also change the behaviour of the search plugin. In the about:config page search for and double click on it. This will set its value to true, enabling search plugin to open a new tab for search results.

  • Search for browser.urlbar.autoFill and set it to true. This will autofill up the address as you are typing. Less effort, eh?

Stop saving passwords!
Yeah, stop saving them! Firefox has become a bit vulnerable. Just go to Tool→Options (Edit→Preferences for Linux). Now in the security tab, uncheck the box that says "remember passwords for site". In the "Tabs" section, select "pages should be opened in a new window. This will sure keep your taskbar clean! ;)

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