You must have noticed a change in the layout (again!). This time it's from Hackosphere↗-fame Ramani. This template works using blogger feeds making it all the more fast. Earlier it cost $10 but Ramani made it free for all. Go grab your copy↗. The best part of the template is its superb navigation.
I found few problems with Neo. Slimbox is not working properly. I won't call it a problem with Neo. Earlier I found the same problem with 'New' blogger templates. But classic templates were working with it. Also I can't post from Scribefire. :( This is really a big problem for me.
I am currently working for a new theme for Neo which I will release once my exams get over ;) . Check out this↗ blog that comes with a nice theme for Neo. The default theme is nice, too, having a futuristic look.
With Neo you don't have to go from one page to another, and for that clicking on a link leaves an outline over it which is very irritating (for me). Just add the following css definition to your Neo-css:
a { outline: none; }
This will sort out the 'problem'. This property is widely used in AJAX pages.
Happy blogging! :)


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