Oops! Did I say ultimate? :P Pardon if you have more than these! I was desperately looking for an attractive font for the header of my new design. But they were all so-so. Here in softarchivce I found these nice fonts which can simply turn your heads. :D

Among them I like the Graffiti fonts. They look so classy. Anyway, here are the links:

111 Handwriting Fonts↗

185 Fonts from Canada↗

Graffiti Fonts 2.0↗

158 Handwriting Fonts↗

22 Sexy Fonts↗

Collectors Fonts↗

Password: www.softarchive.net

(Some of the many) Sites that offer free fonts:

Better Fonts

Webpage Publicity

1001 Free Fonts

Modern Life


Fonts 500

etc. etc.


and hit enter. Now copy the fonts you have got and paste them in this folder. And you are done! Or you can use FontExplorer.

Links courtesy Softarchive.


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