I have used a number of online editors for my blog. First it was Windows Live Writer↗ that was working well, till I found Ecto↗. But sadly, I could not find a patch or crack for Ecto. And it works on

Windows .Net Framework 2.0↗ which was simply taking a lot of space for my 20-gigs partition. And I was missing them in Ubuntu↗.

I found this is really nice extension for Firefox called ScribeFire. In short it is the best editor I have come across to date. ScribeFire has been developed by Performancing LLC↗. It supports almost all the blogging platforms over the net. From Wordpress to Jeeran it has it all. But to my surprise (and to others too, I am sure) there is no option for Blogger! But it was not an issue since there is always a "Custom Blog" option available.

One very obvious reason to use scribefire is its lightweight (380-kb). It offers some of the best features you can expect from an online editor. Its on-click appearance is one of my favs. You can 'scribble' notes just directly looking at them, save the notes edit them whenever you like. It has a built-in technorati link counter which enables you to view the link counts of the page on the current tab. And an integrated Del.icio.us bookmarking tool helping you to organise your bookmarks easily and link them in your blog posts. Adding Technorati tags is just a few clicks away. Before you start blogging, make sure you uncheck the "Automatically insert 'Powered by ScribeFire' " in the "Settings" tab.

Click to install ScribeFire.

Keep blogging and stay healthy! ;)


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