Well, this one is not that tricky. And I don't know whether anyone has tried this or not. Just a bit of playing with Flickr's API.

Going through the forums of Flickr↗ I found people always complain about the 'randomness' of photos in flickr badges. If you haven't got your Flickr badge, get it from here↗. (I have to run here and there just get this URL!) This is what the flickr badge should look like:

This is the javascript only. Don't use the default CSS. Try tweaking it your way. Now the count=3 is the number of pictures to show. I set it to 4. display=latest is the part that displays only the latest pics. (You might be cursing me for telling you all these known things!) OK, change display=latest to display=randomAnd that's it! Do change your tag=whatever to tag=somethingother very often. Otherwise readers will get used to the randomness! ;)


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