I can't live without Google. And I guess you too. But have you ever thought of using Google a better way? Okay, take a look at the Advanced Search Operators↗ and this GHDB↗. (It contains all the necessary tricks you may be looking for!)

I found this trick very useful. Using this you can get direct links to .mp3 files stored in servers. The syntax is like this:

"what you wanna search" intitle:index.of mp3 -html -htm
-php -asp -txt -pls

Replace the red part with the name you want search. The intitle operator searches the title of the files. Generally files that we download are put in 'folders' with the name index. And the -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls are the type of files that we are going to sneak into.

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Blogger Rishil said...
Thanks for this insight.. infact apart from finding mp3s via google search, one could also search for PDF, ebooks and more.. check out the below post
Suggest to use the trick before google fixes it.. enjoy!
Blogger Cyber-Buff said...
thanks rishil for the link. you have a very nice blog. yap, should try before it gets hatched. like the inurl: index.of password search trick
Blogger dibyendu said...
very good tips
Anonymous William Tully said...
Ah yes, hacking Google. I found this site a while back which goes into a bit more detail and is quite useful! Um... apparently... ;)