Yo Gamers! Brace yourselves for a new and shiny XBOX 360 MS is goin' to unveil by the end of April. It is going to be bigger (read: much bigger) and better. The new one is going to boast of a 120-gigs hard-disk (presently it is 20-gigs) Seems like Microsoft is taking it too seriously. Nintendo Wii is selling more than XBOX 360.
And this new upgradation is surely going to let them sink! ;) The newone has "high definition" graphics and a stylish black finish that would give you a new high. You can also upgrade the features as accessories. Named Xbox 360 Elite, this one is surely a must have. It would have all those currently-available features that enable you to listen to music and play downloaded videos. Peter Moore, corporate vice president, Microsoft entertainment business, said:
Today's games-and-entertainment enthusiast has an insatiable appetite for digital high-definition content.

And the new XBOX 360 is surely going to make it hotter! ;)
Pic. courtesy: P2P↗


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