Earlier this month there have been lotsa speculation on Google joining the mobile-manufactures' league. And along came alot of blog-reports that seemed to point to a touch-screen mobile device from the Serach-engine giant (Did I say search-engine only?). After Apple, is this really Google making a leap? Or are they misinterpreted?

What's Google's take?
Erin Fors, spokesperson, Google Inc., remarked:
Mobile is an imporatant area for Google. We reamin focused on creating applications and establishing and growing partnership with industry leaders to develop innovative serveices to users worldwide. However, we have nothing further to announce.

Hm...the sting in the tail. Seems like they have future plans. But right-now they are mainly confined to "creating applications". Recently they launched Google on Mobile↗ which has become a big favourite for GPRS and mobile internet users.

What we the mortals are talking about?
Engadget↗ termed it as a mythical mobile and could not resist the temptation to call it a "latest juicy G-phone". ComputerWorld↗ chose to be different. They said it's just a rumor doing the rounds. Simeon Simeonov↗ said a source told him that Google is developing a "blackberry-like" device. Seems like the whole blogosphere is chirping! ;) They even put a price tag on it! It is said G-phone is going to be cheaper than iPhone.

What could it be?
I don't think Google is 'developing' cell phones. Earlier, such predictions about Google were failed. It may only be a rumor doing the rounds. Google may design a touch screen phone 'cause that's the order of the day. It would have all those G-applications one may need to make life (read: web-life) easier. Whatever it is, one thing is for certain: We are not going see G-phone in near future. So keep you finger crossed for the "juicy G-phone". ;)

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Anonymous Steve said...
I would go for G-phone rather than iPhone. Google's much better than Apple. :D
Blogger Cyber-Buff said...
@Steve, Lolz! Thumbs up to you!
Anonymous teddY said...
Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a tag behind. Thank you so much =)

Anyway, the announcement can be quite true since Google always love to play with people's suspicion when April Fool approaches. For example when Google initially announced that it will be launching a webmail service with 1gb of storage space it instantaneously became the laughing stalk of the cyberworld... until on 1st of April 2004 it unveiled Gmail and what it said previously became true!

If gPhone comes out it might be a touchphone too... since iPhone is now leading the industry's trend.
Blogger Cyber-Buff said...
You're welcome, teddy! :)