This post is for all of you who use Ubuntu. I am a n00b myself in the linux world. And this my first effort to make Ubuntu a bit more attractive (it's already too attractive! :) ). The following are my personal preferences. If you don't like them, try some more tweaks and improve on them. :)

  • There are two panels available by default. But they take too much of space. (I always have a bit of problem while installing Ubuntu. :( ) So delete one of them, preferably the one at the top. Just right-click on the panel and click “Delete This Panel...
  • Now, assuming that you have only one panel at the bottom, add the main menu applet to the panel. To add, right-click on the panel and click Add to Panel... Then from the list of applets add the main menu applet.
  • You may not like the main menu icon. :P In that case Ubuntu allows you to change the icon. Hit Alt+F2 and run gconf-editor. In the Configuration Utility, go to apps=>panel=>objects=>object_1. Now check use custom icon's checkbox. Now look up a few lines. You'd find Custom_icon key. Double click on it and in the value section enter the path of the picture you want as the custom icon. See the change! :)

  • Chenge the default fonts. Just go to System=>Preferences=>Font. Now change them all and get a cool new look! ;)
  • The default font-base is large. But then you may wish to add a lot more. There are a lot of bash-scripts available. But here is another way out...Hit Alt+F2 and type “gksudo nautilus” and hit enter. And there will be a “window”. (Is'nt it what we call in Windows? ;) ) Now in the address bar type “fonts:///” and hit enter. You are now in Ubuntu's font-base. Now minimise this window and copy the fonts you want to install. Open the window (you have just opened with the code) and paste the fonts. And you are done! ;)
  • If you use Linux then I don't think I need to introduce you to Gnome-look. Just keep your eyes stuck there. 'Cause that's the place you can find most of the nicest themes. I personally like Vista Rounded border theme. Just a taste of what it feels to be in Vista. ;)
So this is what you can expect of me (n00b. Don't forget that! :D ) Keep looking at this post; I will update as I “learn” more. :)


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Blogger Don said...
Thanks for the info. One thing I'd like to add. In my config - Breezy if that makes a difference - I had to put the location of my custom icon in the item named "object_3". Object_1 was for the terminal applet. Don't know if object numbering is random or what. At any rate, look for the item that has an object_type property of menu-object and you should be OK.
Anonymous cyberbuff said...
OH! I din't know that! I thought it was static. Anyway, thanks! :)