Orkut is adding new features. And they want you to vote for the features. :P

Yes, Orkut is showing you why it's still in beta. Just check out this page and vote for the features. You don't even have to be an Orkut user! Reading out the given features (read: the upcoming features), it seems like they are a bit wary about the security of this so-called social-networking site. After all those buzz about an Orkut community against India and other fake profiles, it seemed like the site is now out for some more secure and anti-spamming features. Also adding blog features would mean they are following the footsteps of Myspace.
One thing I liked most about this voting is adding your own tohughts. I had added the following as “I have an idea”:

1.Why not an RSS feed for each topic in a community? This will really help you to track down the posts/replies that followed yours.
2.A signature would really add some spice to your posts. :D
3.Why not an in-built chat client? Alternatively Gtalk's new features would do.

And what I don't like...

1.Scrapbooks need to be a bit private. ;)
2.Ad-free communities, please!
3.Looks need to be updated. (Though FireFox users always can rely on Greasemonkey userscripts ;) )

And finally, one option I didn't really like is “Communities should be arranged alphabatically”. Well, that would mean the community with an inital A would be at first, even if there has not been a new post for decades! :D
So what's your idea(s)? ;)



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