Here comes Microsoft's Private folder 1.0, a freeware. And along comes a bug.

I have been using MSPF for quite a long time now. It's ideal for your personal stuff, if you're sharing your PC with someone. Installation is painless, as with most of MS stuff. After installation it gives a message saying that this software doesn't protect you from hackers! I seem to agree with Chiefie of Geekzone:

If you have some sensitive files (documents, photos, images, projects or videos *ahem*) that you don't want to have the public snoop-about by anyone else, then Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 is a simple solution for you. Just install and reboot then Voila!

But there are two bugs I detected.

  • Anyone can uninstall the program from "Add/Remove Programs", without having the password.

  • I can access anything and everything from my Ubuntu. Here is a screenshot.

Anyway, enjoy this freeware.

Download: Microsoft Private Folder



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