And here they are...

Google Picasa:
One of the nicest and "swiftest" photo managers. I must say it has got all the potential for being a next Photoshop. The GUI is great. The recent addition of Blogger support is bagging a lot of praise. (With this, you can directly post photos to your Blogger blog from your Desktop) It's still in beta. Let's hope it would get better with new versions.
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Mozilla Firefox:

Do I really have to say something about it? Isn't it the best browser available? I like it the extension feature the most. And greasemonkey too. Also there is an option for new themes. When will IE be mature upto it?
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Mozilla Thunderbird:

An Email client for your mails. This one is from Mozilla too. So you got the extension option again. Also the configuration is painless.
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CD Burner XP (PRO):

Like I said earlier, don't give a Nero a chance to eat up your valuable disk space. Use CDBXP instead. It's reliable, fast and above all don't need all those for-nothing plugins.

Foxit Reader:
An alternative for Adobe Acrobat. (It's not a freeware, in fact.) One of the most lightweight PDF readers. It has add-on facility too. To quote the official site:
An exclusive small and fast PDF Reader of the same!
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It's an open-source advanced word-processing program. You can easily fall in love with it leaving aside MS Word!
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