First, we got to know what a keylogger is and how it works.

Keylogger is small spyware that attacks your keyboard and logs all your keystrokes. It uses some FTP servers to send details of all your keystrokes to the attacker. There are a lot of keyloggers available over the net. Tspy and BPK are two of them. BPK is one of the most powerful (read: most dangerous :) ) keylogger. Even firewalls cant detect it. It even sends the attacker screenshots! Keyloggers are esp used in schools, office, cyber-cafes.

OK, let's get it into the work.:P

1. ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD: One very obvious option is to use on-screen keyboard. If you use Windows, just go to run and type "osk" (without quotes) and hit enter. Now go to settings and check Always on top. (It's checked by default) Linux distros have similar utilities. Keyloggers won't get you! :D

2. Using unicode is also a nice option. Check out the official website for details.

3. Well, this one is tricky. Even I didn't get the thing.:( Here is a book I found which is all about the trick. Download the pdf.

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