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This is for all my Indian friends who use Airtel and looking for "free stuff".

Last night I was browsing my moblog at Mauj. And there I found this extremely famous guy named The Mask. And got few links to download "free games" :P . Then chopping off the links took me to the server's administration page :D . It seemed that they are using Apache Tomcat 5.5.12 server. And what made me all the more surprised is...
...If you're seeing page, and you don't think you should be, then either you're a user who has arrived at a new installation of Tomcat, or you're an administrator who has not got his setup right.

Wow. :P It seems like the latter is a bit true. Because I have not asked for an installation of Tomcat.
Anyway, too much talk and no stuff makes you bored! :D So, here is what you can do.
I assume that you're using a GPRS enabled cellphone with Airtel connection and you got the setup right. Now go to the "Go to address..." option. (You'd find it at Menu=>Web) Type in the follwing address (without quote): "". ( is the Tomcat servlet address.) And you'll find a host of numbers. They just refer to the folders. Click in any of them and get inside :P ! Now click on the game you want to download. Remember, the model number of the phone that is compatible with the game, is given, too :) . So download the appropriate one for your phone.
Airtel seems to have tightened their security. Because just a few days ago "full" GPRS can be accessed with only "free" GPRS, which is not available any longer :( .



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