Yep, that's the "story". (Well, I call it "story" because I don't think thats the really the fact. Otherwise sites like Linux Chix, Debian Women, KDE Women won't really get visitors.)

It's based on a vote by Gridter. Taking a look at the poll-result, you can very well guess how the males dominate over the fairer sex, at least so far as linux is concerned :)
57% of Linux users claim to be experienced Linux user where 14% are Linux guru. (Results may change as the poll is still on.) But I guess the transition from Linux newbie to an experienced Linux user would take only a few months, provided you won't define experience as the name people give to their mistakes :).
The best distro? That's a big question. And a good one too. I think Ubuntu deserves to be the best. Also OpenSUSE has all those potetial to be a Vista replacement. I was very disappointed to find Zenwalk bagging only 6 votes. Also Knoppix gaining only 1% votes is disappointing.
So what's your excuse to move to Linux?
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Blogger techniqueal t. said...
hmmm, interesting info. 88% eh?

been using linux for a while now and im quite comfy with debian. still learning my ropes on ubuntu though.

i love your blog! in fact, iv added your link in my TECH BLOGS section.

looking forward to more techie tips and hacks ^_^
Blogger Abhisek said...
debian is too good. of late, i am palying around with puppylinux 4.0. since it's taking very little resources and works great on virtual box. do give it a try, if you have time. :)
Thanks for your compliment and the link-exchange. You're added, too! ;)