This is what i have done with JavE!

You must have seen those .nfo files that come with cracks and serials and those "magical" (not that magical, I tell you!) keygens. And you must have seen SMD or some other name written in some ASCII Art. And you must have wished if your name is made this way. Well, you dont have to be a Cracker or a member of SND (or some other team) to have one! Here is what I found.

Last time I came with ASCII Heart. Now, it's time to create anything you want with ASCII. Well, i found this searching a blog in technorati (I am extremely sorry, that I lost the blog link. Apologies) Anyway, this is a tool that makes awesome designs for the input you make. It uses Java Runtime Environmant. So you must install JRE from For syestem reuirement, do check out the homepage.
Download: JavE 5.0
And here is a link for Online ACSII Generator
For any problem installing JavE, pls mail me

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Blogger 4mica said...
Ive looked up and down for a good ascii prog, and this has the most features of any. Look for ver. 6 release candidates in the news section on the site. Be seeing you!