Rapidshare. Thats the name most of us are used to. But there are other sites too that 'take care of' your beloved files you want to share (if you want at all!). Once I saw a post in Orkut where a guy sed Rapidshare sucks 'a little' because 'there is no search engine'! It also sucks if you dont have a premium account. Neway, enough talking. Here in copylog you would find a 'host' of file-hosting sites. And people, do upload a few good stuff. If everyone wants to have free incoming calls for lifetime, then whos is gonna call them up?!!!?? I liked hyperupload and uploaded Ankit Fadia Books for you. (remember it doesnt support download managers)
Happy surfing!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Here you will find a very good One Click/ File Hosting Toplist:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
ClickonSend.com similar to rapidshare, ClickonSend.com is a free File Hosting company offering free unlimited file uploads/downloads, share your music, images or files with friends and family.